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I am carrying out a series of work whereby I am recreating and incorporating Constables Haywain into a number of different environments and situations, this varies in both medium and context. I am interested in the process of translation and converting a historical painting into a contemporary language.

I am drawn to the Haywain due to its over romanticisation of land and England, after learning about Caspar Friedrichs sublime paintings and the relationship they have to German nationalism and German national identity, I find constables Haywain the English equivalent.

This idea of appropriating the Haywain into a modern context can be seen when I converted the rural landscape into a golf course and replaced the hay cart with a sinking golf cart. For me golf is a fitting subject as it talks about the commodification of land for leisure. This piece attempts to document Britains historical and cultural transition from an agricultural dependant society to a postmodern society that relies heavily on the leisure and entertainment industry.

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