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I found my one to one tutorial extremely beneficial and set me on a clear direction and helped clarify and articulate my practice.

We spoke specifically and in detail about the use of satire in my. We both agreed that this would be a suitable and exciting progression for furthering my work. My tutor provided me with some reading that will further my knowledge and understanding of my own practice d these include Jonathan Swift and William Hogarth. I really enjoyed Swift's "modest proposal" and wish to use a similar technique as a way of social political commentary. I would like to do this in a visual language rather than using literature.

We also agreed that in order to achieve this deeper concept and use satire to its full potential I should step away from painting and the demanding process of making work. After looking at a digital image I made on my foundation (see fig.1), we agreed that this would be a suitable way of achieving and communicating such ideas through satire. My tutor recommended I look at artist such as Peter Kennard and Martha Rosler.

I wish to explore similar ideas and themes in my work as I have been recently, these include; Nationalism, Englishness, politics, class and current affairs. I wish to explore these themes from the starting point of looking at art history and looking at the traditions of English painting.

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