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Constable's Haywain

As stated in a previous post I am attracted to John Constable due to the way his work seems to be widely recognised and appreciated by people outside of the art community (this is compared to other old English painters) and to people who perhaps don't have a wide cultured knowledge of art history. This would obviously be ignoring Turner who for now I am choosing not to look at as I find his depiction of England slightly too honest and not idealist or pretty enough for what I am trying to achieve.

Continuing to play up to English art clichés by choosing Constable I thought it would make sense to recreate the most popular and iconic Constable painting, this being The Haywain (Fig.1) this was also influenced by Peter Kennard's reproduction.

After talking to my visiting practitioner, he suggested that I could potentially get digital assistance on how to make my collages look less edited and more like an original oil painting. This got me interested in how I could achieve the opposite and recreate an old painting in an extremely digital and technological aesthetic. I also wanted to continue exploring different techniques, I had made a 3D model of a Constable painting and I had made a digital manipulation of a Hogarth painting, I therefore thought I would combine the two by making a digital 3D model.

Using google Sketchup I attempted to create Constables Haywain, as I had no prior knowledge of the software I had to teach myself as I went along, although I found this exciting it also proved very frustrating. I found the handling of the software very fiddly and relatively complicated. I am happy with the end result and the resemblance achieved to the original painting. I do not view this piece as a final outcome worth exhibiting as my skill and patience with the software is currently not good enough (although I find this amateur quality somewhat attractive).


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