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GeoAd Limited is an ongoing curatorial project which invites artists to produce site-specific artwork(s) to be distributed and encountered via the medium of Instagram adverts. Employing Instagram's settings of audience selection and location targetting, the work’s geographical circulation will be filtered and administrated in collaboration with the participating artist. Artworks will exclusively exist and appear within a specific location, these sites can be as specific as a one-mile radius and can be anywhere in the world. 


Sitting in between the physical, online and realms, the site of the works circulation is conceived and curated as a part of the work's concept, artworks will be engaging with the geopolitical, social and/or historical conditions of a chosen place and will be employed as a form of cross-border nomadic communication and infiltration.

Initial works are currently in the production phase and will be distributed on Instagram shortly. After the works periods of circulation is complete, works will be archived here on this site.    

GeoAd Limited

 A Site-Specific, Online Project By Sam Wills

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